Could someone explain how TC knows who to email for build notifications?

It appears that the only way someone can get an email about a build failure, is if they have a user account in TC.  When someone checks in files though, TC shows those check ins by the SVN account used to check them in.  So, if someone isn't in TC, but has an account in SVN, I will see their name for the check in, just like anyone else.  The difference is that they don't get emails from TC.  How does TC relate an SVN account to a TC account, where the email address and preferences are located?  I hope that question makes sense...


Exactly like you said yourself, you create an account in TC and associate it with the usernames in your source control system.

If you're asking how TC knows which TC account corresponds to which SVN account, look at the page for a user, you have a section to the right labelled "Version Control Username Settings", there you add (or edit) the corresponding Subversion account and specify the username that user has in SVN.


As many times as I looked for that, I cannot believe I never really looked at that section.  I guess I just ended up using the same name as in SVN, so I never had to configure it, so it seemed like it was magic because it always just worked and I didn't do anything.

Thank you very much.


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