TeamCity - pausing builds programmatically and as a schedule

  I am new to TeamCity and doing an evaluation of TeamCity to replace CruiseControl.

  a) Is it possible to pause builds either programmatically e.g. using the http access, or as some setting to pause a build a result of a  build failing?

  b) Is it possible to pause builds for specified periods of time - for example we do not want our builds to run when the database is down. This is scheduled to happen at various times at during the week.


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Sorry for the delay in replying.

You can pause a build configuration via a kind of undocumented HTTP request to URL like:

//<user name>:<user password>@<server address>/action.html?pauseComment=<pause_comment>&pauseBuildType=<internal_build_configuration_id>&pause=true

Where <internal_build_configuration_id> is internal ID of the build configuraiton in the form of btXXX. You can look it up in the URL of TeamCity page.

See more details on using the URL in our doc.

Please note that this way of pausing can change in future TeamCity versions (since "undocumented" status).

As for b), this is not possible at the moment. You might be interested in the issue in our issue tracker. Please comment/vote for/watch the issue.

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Just to confirm - re (a) I tried this and it works. Thanks for your help.


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