TeamCity deleted projects in restored database


I have just moved my old TeamCity installation to a new computer, along with postgres database backup.
I have successfully restored the postgres backup, was able to see the data in tables (projects, users etc).

After the first start of TeamCity I realised that I have forgotten the password for admin account, but still remembered the one for guest, so I went to the database and upated teh "users" table accordingly.

After I started TeamCity and logged in I have discovered, to my huge surprise, that all teh projects are in fact gone.

I checked the table "projects" and they were not there as well.

So my question is - why does that happen and how can I avoid it? Is there a process to follow when restoring backups?


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Hello Artem,

  Actually, the project configuration is stored not in database, but in XML config files under <TEAMCITY_DATA_DIRECTORY>/config. So if you didn't migrate this data, the projects won't appear.
  Please read more on structure of TeamCity data at

  Hope this helps,

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That worked, thanks!          

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Useful information. Having assumed the projects were in the db and not having them after the upgrade, I added a new project.
Having read this thread, I stopped TC, copied the existing xml, dtd and xsd files to a backup directory and copied over the previous versions backed up config/xml etc files.
Restarted TC. And the "old" projects have not returned, still just the new project I added after the upgrade.
Any ideas to what I have done wrong?


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