tried two server instances on one machine - help!

I tried to install the server again (using port 9102) on a machine that already had one server running on port 9100.  The second server started up OK, but it replaced the first server. I can stop the service easily enough for 9102, but how can I get back the service on 9100 without losing all the configurations I had there?   (I did use different install dirs for the second server -- C;\TeamCity2 rather than C:\TeamCity, and a different .BuildServer directory, so all the original stuff should still be around.  I hope.)

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We figured this out.  With the run path in the Services not being editable, we scanned the registry for all instances of c:\TeamCity2 and replaced them with C:\TeamCity.  We then rebooted the machine and when the service started, it was the "old" service.  Lesson learned -- apparently you cannot run more than one instance of TeamCity server on one physical machine.  I thought and hoped that using two different ports would make this possible.  Oh well.  Thanks to any and all who gave this some thought.


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