maintainDB Backup Vs daily disk backup

The command line maintainDB utility takes the backup of config, database etc. We have also daily disk backup policy. I am interested in knowing the advantage of taking the backups using maintainDB utility over the disk backups. Are there any issues/risks which any of you folks have experienced in using disk backups over backups created by maintainDB. Could you guys please share your knowledge/thoughts/experiences on this.

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The question was duplicated in the feedback email, so I duplicate the answer here:

With the maximum backup level maintainDB utility does not backup build artifacts and any manual customizations that you made to the application under <TeamCity server home> directory. At the same time the backup created via maintainDB (or via web UI) does not include generated data and can be smaller in size.

Using maintainDB is a recommended approach and we plan to improve it further to allow restoring old backups by the newwer server, etc.

If you have established backup procedure in place, you might choose to use it, otherwise TeamCity-provided backup seems a good alternative.

If you choose to perform disk backups, please make sure you follow the information.


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