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I have a build configuration that builds up a small application and saves it as an artifact.  I have a second configuration which is triggered from the application artifact and has a source snapshot dependency on the application that runs some test against the application artifact.

When I trigger a personal build of the application configuration, it doesn't seem to trigger the downstream test configuration.  I manually selected both configurations from the Visual Studio remote run plugin and the test configuration did not use the artifact produced by my personal build ( it used the last successful offical build artifact).
I also tried to run a custom build of the test configuration, but the Artifacts dependencies section will not allow me to select the personal build.
Is there a way to achive this or is it currently not possible or am I just missing something here?


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If you want to run tests on your application, you should trigger test application configuration. If it has snapshot dependency on app, app will be triggered too. If test app has artifact dependency on last finished build of the app, then your personal build must receive correct artifacts. If it does not work this way, please provide screenshots of the dependencies configurations.


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