can it be customised?

The file specified in contains a very useful list of files changed for the current build, but can it be customised?  I would specifically like to see the name of the individual who checked each change in.



No, the file is used for TeamCity features like tests reordering and cannot be customized.

The build's changes data can probably be retrieved via REST API or via custom TeamCtiy plugin.

BTW, Can you describe why do you need the information in the build script? May be the functionality can be implemented as a TeamCity plugin to display it in TeamCity web UI?

Can you describe why do you need the information in the build script?

I am sending a successful build notification email from within my ANT script, and the recipients, who don't have access to the TeamCity server, have requested this information.



You can probably consider using TeamCity email notifications.
Email templates can be customized.
If you want to send notifications to users that are not registered in TeamCity, you can probabaly create a fake user with a group email address or use TeamCIty LDAP integration to automatically create users in TeamCity from LDAP.

Please note that if users are registered in TeamCity, they can receive notifications when their changes breake a build (and besides, have access to all the TeamCity features provided via web UI :)


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