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I have setup a build agent with some system environment variables :

ANT_HOME :              E:\DevTools\apache-ant-1.7.1
MAVEN_HOME : E:\DevTools\maven_2.2.1

these variables were visible under build agent's page on web UI under Environment Varibales tab of connected build agent.

I now want to remove these environment variables from this build agent. For this, I removed these environment varibles from build agent machine's environment variables set. After that, I restarted both, the teamcity server and the build agent. But these environment variables continue to be visible on web UI. I reset the cache as well, but that also didn't help. Could anyone please let me know, how can I remove these environment variables from build agent.

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There is no possibility to remove env variables. Agent-specific properties are defined on each build agent and vary depending on its environment. Aside from standard properties agents also have properties based on installed applications.

If additional applications/libraries are available in the  environment, the administrator can manually define the property in the <agent home>/conf/ file.

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