How to run exclusive jobs?


I have a special test that need to communicate with various devices exclusively. Therefore I want to ensure this test can only run one job at a time. Assume we have multiple agents and several this type of tests running (from multiple branches, different platforms and different test suites). How to configure this type of jobs to run exclusively in TeamCity?


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I have a similar problem, I have two jobs (one for each branch) that I want to have run on both Windows and Linux agents.  These jobs similarly need to have exclusive access to resources. The current way that I can do this is to have both of these jobs configured to use the agent (and only one agent).  I then swap the agents weekly so that every other week it tests on a windows box and a linux box.  

What I'd really like to do is have some way to configure the jobs/agents so that these jobs all get queued waiting for the resource to become available.  (i.e. like a semaphore/lock)


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It seems that what you need to limit simultaneously running builds is addressed by about shared resource. Also note that the currently available solution with the Groovy plugin is described in the comments.

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