%build.vcs.number% gets the revision number of Subversion trunk rather than project specific revision numbers for certain projects


I have 2 projects set up in teamcity and for each project i have a separate VCS root set up such that i have 2 VCS roots in total under Administration -> VCS roots as follows:

VCS Root 1:

Name: svn: http://source/svn/trunk/projectName1
Type: Subversion

VCS Root 2:

Name: svn:  http://source/svn/trunk/projectName2
Type: Subversion

For each of the projects i only have 1 configuration and the configuration for each project has a single VCS root such that:

Project 1 has VCS Root 1
Project 2 has VCS Root 2

For both of the projects the Build number format is set to 1.0.{0}.%build.vcs.number%.

For project 1 Teamcity correctly gets the latest revision number at http://source/svn/trunk/projectName1 whereas for project 2 Teamcity incorrectly gets the revision number of the trunk (i.e. http://source/svn/trunk/). The build configuration are exactly the same in all other aspects apart from the fact that for the project where the build number format is wrong i am not running the unit tests and the project name has a dot in it (i.e. Project.Name with SVN path http://source/svn/trunk/Project.Name)

Has anyone else faced such as issue or can anyone advise as to what the problem might be?


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What version of TeamCity do you use?

Since 5.0 the highest revision that affected the build is shown http://youtrack.jetbrains.net/issue/TW-4527. There is still some issues like current repository revision is used when VCS root or checkout rules are changed or if it's new build configuration (please see http://youtrack.jetbrains.net/issue/TW-10084)

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