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I am having some troubles setting up the issue tracker link with bugzilla. The problem manifests itself when I test the connection, or when I select the drop-down arrow generated in the commit messages. There is no problem clicking the link, however. My settings look like this:

Connection Type: Bugzilla
Display Name: *
Server URL: *
Issue Id Pattern:*

Use general regexp, e.g. #(\d+)

I have checked the server logs and the only entry I can find regarding this looks like so:

[2010-09-17 14:49:38,368]   INFO - eTracker.AbstractIssueProvider - Failed to fetch the issue: 3679, reason: HTTP server returned unexpected status: Bad Gateway, connection: "Bugzilla"

Any ideas what is going on? Do I need to configure bugzilla somehow? Our bugzilla server is running version 3.0.6 and TeamCity version is 5.1.4.
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Hello Daniel,

Do you have any proxies/firewall configured? TeamCity server should have direct access to the issue tracker server since TeamCity does not yet support proxy for connections to issue trackers.

Also please note that you should have Bugzilla XML-RPC interface switched on.

Hope this help,


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