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What is the best way to have Configuration C only run after A and B complete and consume artifacts from A and B?

For my case, configuration A is a Win32 build and Configuration B is a Win64 build.  Configuration C is a combined Win32/Win64 build that needs artifacts from A and B.
Would the Source Dependency be the way to go here?  I want to run Configuration C on a time schedule and ensure that A and B are both completed and successful.  I don't want Configuration C to trigger A or B, nor would I want A or B to trigger C.
These projects ( A/B and C ) are on different build schedules.  If A runs but B fails when C is scheduled to run, I wouldn't want C to run and so on.


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It seems that a better solution for your case is to use snapshot dependency to ensure the builds use the same sources snapshots. The build C should not rebuild if there are no changes since the last build and the dependency option "Do not run new build if there is a suitable one" is set to ON.

Otherwise you can use artifact dependencies and retrieve artifacts form last successful builds of other build configurations. See more at

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