Is the "Check artifact dependencies" functionality available for use in build scripts?

I'm trying to consolidate getting latest references for any project in my company's codebase. We'd like to maintain dependencies in only one location, and because we're using artifacts dependencies within TeamCity, we'd like to draw as much as possible from that. The "Check artifact dependencies" does exactly what I want to be able to do from a script - make a call into TeamCity (using an authorized user/password) and have it download the dependent artifacts to the current local directory.

Using the REST API and the API for downloading artifacts, I've been able to get a reasonable solution working, but if the "check artifact dependencies" button was available via an API to download the artifacts, this would be a one-liner in our scripts. Any chance this is available in some (un)documented API?


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Is seems that you are looking for the feature described in TW-7418 which is not yet available.

I am not sure there is an easy enough workaround to achieve these now. I'd look into writing a custom plugin for TeamCity that will generate Ivy config from the dependencies of a Build Configuration.

We have alike "configure dependencies in a single place" approach but it is bit other way around:
We have Ivy config and a wrapper Ant script that every developer can execute on own machine to grab the dependnecies. Our builds does not have dependencies defined in UI. Instead, our build starts by executing the same very script. Due to correctly configured Ivy TeamCity can then display what artifacts were used by the build.

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That's exactly what I'm looking for - thanks! In the meantime, I'll try the workarounds.


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