Parameterizing VCS root in templates


I am sure this has been asked before, but I'd like to request this anyhow. This is my use-case: I have a trunk project within TeamCity. This project contains a bunch of build configurations. Now, we work with branches and I would like to make a copy of trunk for every branch. Copying is the old way, templating is the new, so it would be great if it were possible to make a template of trunk, associate the template for each branch and then only override the VCS root each branch. This was exactly what I thought templates would be. I am unsure of the value of templates as they are today, perhaps I am missing a use-case though. Are there any plans to support this scenario?

Thanks in advance!

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Hello Daniel,

Please refer to the feature request in our tracker, for it.

Kind regards,

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Thanks for the link Marina.


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