Beginner questions

I just installed TeamCity-6.0.2.exe on win7-64 ultimate. Server seems to be running ok.

I have vs2008 pro.

1. is the plugin for vs2008 a separate download? Can't find. If there is one, where is the download? Is this also a free version?

2. what are the exact prerequisites to use the vs2008 plugin? Can't find any docs. I have vs2008 pro. Which version is required?

3. vs2008 has no TeamCity menu item, so I assume there was some sort of failure during TeamCity-6.0.2.exe installation? Can't tell. No docs found.

4. I am not developing a plugin so I assume these questions go here?

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Here goes :)

1) If you browse on your teamcity server to 'My settings & Tools' (top right hand corner) you will see on the right side of the page a 'TeamCity Tools' section.  The third option down is the Visual Studio plugin which is available for 2005/2008 or 2010.
2) Here is a link to the documentation on the plugin.  As far as I can tell you should be fine.
3) Visual Studio has no TeamCity menu because you haven't installed the plugin.  The server install only installs the server :).  You will also need to install agents if you want TeamCity to do any work.
4) Indeed.

Hope that helps.


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Okay got it now. It's working thanks.


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