Mercurial "Failed to build patch for build"

uncompressed transfer (using 6.5 RC)

Tortoise Hg 2.04 installed on a Windows 2008 64-bit server.

[21:00:25]: Skip checking for changes - changes are already collected
[21:00:26]: Clearing temporary directory: G:\TeamCity\buildAgent\temp\buildTmp
[21:00:26]: Checkout directory: G:\TeamCity\buildAgent\work\e0c8605e6baace7a
[21:00:26]: Updating sources: server side checkout... (27s)
[21:00:26]: [Updating sources: server side checkout...] Will perform clean checkout. Reason: Checkout directory is empty or doesn't exist
[21:00:26]: [Updating sources: server side checkout...] Building clean patch for VCS root: Hydrodesktop_trunk (1)
[21:00:53]: [Updating sources: server side checkout...] Failed to build patch for build #176 {build id=4776}, VCS root: mercurial: {instance id=157, parent id=8}, due to error: '"C:\Program Files\TortoiseHg\hg.exe" clone -r 8b5682bd6d78 --pull -U --uncompressed G:\TeamCityBuildConfigs\system\caches\mercurial\hydrodesktop rep' command failed. stderr: transaction abort! rollback completed abort: G:\TeamCityBuildConfigs\system\caches\mercurial\hydrodesktop\.hg/store\data/_binaries/_maps/_base_data/_original/canada__provinces.shp.d: The system cannot find the file specified  stdout: adding changesets adding manifests adding file changes

In my local repository, the file "canada__provinces.shp.d" does not exist.

I tried a pull code a agent, but that failed (I get the feeling that uncompressed is not implemented on an agent).
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Hi David,
sorry for delay, I will answer you in the comments to


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