Custom build strips newline characters from build parameters

I've gone and templated all of our builds, so pretty much all the parameters for a given build are driven by the build parameters. However, I have noticed that newline delimited parameters (for example dotCover filters, or unit test assemblies) are corrupted with the result that the custom build does not work as expected .

The workaround for this is to change the delimites to spaces or commas, but this should not occur in the first place.

note: for dotCover if you are providing an inclusive list, this results in no code coverage. Since there is no pattern match because there is no newline delimter, nothing is reported. I would suggest:

1. For all plugins standardize the delimiters to accept space, newline and/or semi-colon. This is inconsistent between dotCover, code duplication filters and unit test assemblies
2. It is not necessary to try to adapt the plugin, just the UI to allow for consistency - then parse to the required format at execution time.
3. Correct the custom build parameters

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Hi Adam

Thanks for feedback.
I see it has been logged in TW-17001, let's continue the conversation there.



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