If this possible to taking effect changed teamcity properties from BuildRunner?

I have define configuration parameter version.internal in TeamCity.
And change this parameter through a maven( I've wrote the plugin).
And I set labeling pattern like build-%version.internal% to make a new branch in the SVN. But all A have in SVN is /branches/build-.
Changes making in the maven haven't taking effect :(.
Is it possible to do that changes making under configuration parameters would take effect in TteamCity?

I've attach the log file to ensure that in the script version.internal parameter are changing.

before plugging executed
[14:03:11]: [com.iqmen:build-number] [echoproperties] version.internal=
after plugging executed
[14:03:12]: [com.iqmen:build-number] [echoproperties] version.internal=12

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We added this feature in version 6.5.
Now you can redefine parameters for following build steps using service messages. See TW-15503 for details.


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