Check out from one repository and in to another

I'm automating an existing C# project. Source control is Subversion. I have one solution that is stored in one source code repository, built, then the assemblies need to be stored in a different repository. Both repositories are on different servers and have different login credentials. I'm looking for suggestions on how to do this.


It seems the simplest solution to achieve what you're asking for is to add a script (batch file or msbuild) that manually checks in the output files using the svn.exe command line tool.

Hook this post build action up by adding a step in the build server configuration or by hooking it up in your msbuild script chain. Make sure to check if the conditions are right for checking in - you probably do not want to check in after a developer debug build on a developer machine.

--Jesper Högström


I want to do this without external scripts (.bat, etc). I think I found the way. MSBuild Community Tasks adds a Subversion task that should accomplish this. I'm currently tackling a different issue for this project and will post my results on the Subversion issue when I get back to it.


It actually turned out to be very simple with the Community Build Task.

<Import Project="..\3rd party\Tools\MSBuildCommunityTasks\MSBuild.Community.Tasks.Targets"/>

<SvnCommit UserName="username" Password="pwd" ToolPath="..\3rd Party\Tools\Subversion\" LocalPath="..\Source\*.*" Message="TeamCity Autobuild." Targets="..\Source\*.*"/>

You need to have a copy of someplace where the build script can get to it. That's specified in the ToolPath.


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