Scala support in IntelliJ IDEA Project runner

Up until now we have been using the IPR / IntelliJ IDEA Project runner in TeamCity. This has saved up a huge load of hassle fiddling about and managing builds for our many 10's of projects and libraries. Since we have lots of libraries that the runner just sorts out for us, and we never need to modify the build. This is a killer feature of TeamCity for us.

Anyway, we are now progressing into Scala development. A typical configuration would be Java production code, and a mixture of JUnit (in Java) and ScalaTest (annotated with JUnit runner) tests. We will also soon have 100% (or close to it) Scala projects.

What would be fantastic is if the IntelliJ IDEA Project runner generated our build, which worked for the Scala code too. I assume this is not already supported, and if not, is a feature like that planned?

One stop-gap solution that would help in the short term, is if I could somehow insert a Scala compile task after the Java compile has finished, but before the tests have run (or get Scala to do the whole compile). This would at least allow us to have our Scala tests run with our JUnit tests. Is that possible? Right now, I suppose I could do a Scala compile and test run as a post-build script, but I don't think I could get that to automatically manage our complicated multi-module and library dependencies.

Any help appreciated.

Kieron Wilkinson

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