Windows Tray Notifier cannot connect to https server?

hi all, I am new to TeamCity and just setting up our system.

Clients, using XP, cannot activate the notifier. Here is what I have done.

* I downloaded and installed the app just fine.

* I set up a notification rule.

* I right-clicked the tray icon, "click to login"; but it only prompts for the url. Then I get "unable to connect".

The url is definitely correct; I can browse to it.

Could it be a certificate trust issue due to my using HTTPS, and, if so, how would I correct it?

thank you!

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From talking some more to IT, it seems like this is most likely an issue where the Tray software does not feel the HTTPS certificate is trusted. I'd love if someone can confirm that that is the case.

In the IE web browser GUI, we do get the certificate error, that it is from an untrusted source.

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Tray Notifier tool uses Internet Explorer engine internally.
You need to connect ot TeamCity server in Internet Explorer, and accept the certificate permanently.

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Yes! The only "tricky" part was that accepting the certificate was not obvious to me. Here is what worked.

1.Click IE's "Certificate Error" button next to the URL for the server.

2.Click View Certificates on the pop up window, and this Certificate window appears.
3.Click Install Certificate.
4.Accept the default answers and finally yes, do install it.


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