Pursuing with build steps in case of a failure.

TeamCity now allows to define many build steps.

Would it be possible to add an option to keep going with the build steps in case of an error?

For instance, we have a build configuration that has five steps.  Step 3 is the one doing the actual work (testing).  Steps 1 and 2 are init steps while steps 4 and 5 are more of the cleanup types.  Problem is, if step 3 fails, the cleanup part is not called.  I also wanted to copy some files that were not accessible from the checkout directory (see other post), but that too would not be reached and hence became useless.

Right now, I have to create two more build configurations to ensure everything is done at all times.  One of them to get the artifacts, which is unfortunate since that way, they are not within their original project.

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Hi Pascal

Please vote for this feature request in TW-13682.


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