Disabling MSTest temp directory in TeamCity

Hi there!
I'm using TeamCity Professional for building and testing my code continually  
However I have some MSTest based tests that work fine in VS2010 on my pc but fail on the build server.  
I snooped around and discovered that upon testing, TeamCity creates a temporary directory in it's TEMP_DIR (configurable) and copies only the "first relation" dependencies to the test dll  

For instance: my test uses NHibernate.dll which is copied to the temp directory but it's dependencies (i.e NHibernate.ByteCode.Castle) don't get copied and the test fails with an IO.FileNotFound exception..

Is there anyway I can just run the tests from the test projects output directory (Test/bin/debug)?  
And if not, how can i specify which dll's should be copied to the temp directory?  

Thank you [=,  

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TeamCity MSTest runner does not provide any functionality to copy assemblies somewhere. Please check MSTest options to disable shadow-copy of assemblies.

If you used any wildcards to specify assemblies to test, please make sure you not running tests from assemblies located under 'obj' folder.


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