Subversion labeling

i have a build that uses 2 svn url as checkout with checkout rules

svn: https://texas/svn/data/trunk/CSharp/Libs

checkout rule  +:.=>CSharp/Libs
label rule /trunk/CSharp/Libs=>/tags/CSharp/Libs

svn: https://texas/svn/Data/trunk/CSharp/ZebraCode

checkout rule +:.=>CSharp/ZebraCode
label rule /trunk/CSharp/ZebraCode=>/tags/CSharp/ZebraCode

but this results in /tags/csharp/libs/%buildlabel%/contentoflibs

/data is the root
/data/tags/csharp is where the tags should go.


So they should endup in the same tags/teamcitybuidlabel dir

The tag should be the snapshot of the work directory the build is run on.
so workdir/randomname/csharp -> /data/tags/csharp/%teamcity.buildlabel%/csharp/

I do not know if this is posible. the root of the problem is think is that we use a unorthodox repository layout.

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Hello Willem,

  I'm sorry for delay with the answer.

  If I understand you correctly, corresponding labeling rules for your setup should look like:

   /trunk/CSharp/Libs => /tags/


   /trunk/CSharp/zebracode => /tags/

   Hope, this helps,

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i have
and added as the pattern i use for labelling.

Because it does not seem that it knows as a variabele...
But labelling with this results in


Which is not correct.
So it does not seem to use variabeles values in the labelling and still puts the labelling value after the last dir :(

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  The labeling code works with pattern only, and it should be replaced with your label.
  You cannot use in this place.

  Hope this helps,

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but when i tried to run with the agent is no longer compatible cause it does not know of variabele

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this works alot better yes!

however it can only label 1 of the roots the other one fails

svn) svn:https://texas/svn/data/trunk/CSharp/Libs 37073
Failed: Failed to set label 'TT-rc37073.77': Labeling the path 'trunk/CSharp/Libs' to 'tags/TT-rc37073.77/CSharp/Libs' has failed with the error: svn: Conflict at '/tags/TT-rc37073.77' svn: MERGE of '/svn/data': 409 Conflict (https://texas)
(svn) svn:https://texas/svn/Data/trunk/CSharp/ZebraCode 37073


After the build i can label the resource from the changes tab just fine, which seems to be same thing as what the build does.
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  Looks like a bug, sorry :(. Could you please create issue in our tracker and attach teamcity-vcs.log from teamcity log diagnostic UI.


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Thank you for help, hoping to see fix soon :)


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