third-party reports


I am trying to get a third party report into my build results.

I have a own build script which produces a html report. the report folder is currently not in the same directory as the builddir of the agent.

As I understood I have to add a Build Artifact.

for this reason I copied the results into the build dir. and added this line:

reports => reports

in the project settings i added a new Report tab with my index.html.

i tryed severall kinds of basepath combinations.

the files are definitely accessible by the server (chmod 777)

i cannot see anything :-((

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copy the report after the build was already done did not work!

now i created a build which does the copy and it works! :-)

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Hi Hans

You actually can specify absolute path to original Reports folder. The builв agent can obtain the artifactsfrom there directly, without file copying.



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