Using PMD and FindBugs in TeamCity

Normally I just use IDEAs code inspections and use the duplicates finder in TeamCity.
However, a recent client has requested that the code that is delivered is checked with a FindBugs and PMD profile.
I've not used these before and I'd like some advice.
Is there an easy way to integrate them with TeamCity?

  • Do I have to write a build script to run them and use an Ant Runner or are there runners that can just point directly at the xml configs?
  • Can I make the build fail or send out an email if the metric in the reports goes up?

Are there common configs for each of these tools or do I have to configure them from scratch?

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TeamCity can read these reports by XML Report Processing build feature.
Ability to fail a build based on metrics will be added in TeamCity 7.0. You can preview it right now in EAP build. And here was a blog post with details.


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