Remote Run with deleted files

Using TeamCity 7.0.3 server and Eclipse plugin (in MyEclipse 9.1) deleted files are not displayed in the Local Changes view and cannot be selected from Team Synchronizing and submitted for a remote run. The error received when attempting to perform a remote run with only a deleted file is

No suitable modified files found for Remote Run.

If additional new or modified files are selected to include in a remote run, then any deleted files are ignored and not submitted with remote run.

Is there a was through the TC eclipse plugin to submitted deleted files with a remote run? Our process calls for all commits to go through TC, but this will make it difficult for many modifications.


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Hello Michael,

This behavior strange because TeamCity plugin does not affect on Team Synchronize process. Does deleted files listed if TeamCity plugin disabled/deleted?

What VCS do you use? What Eclipse VCS provider plugin do you use for Team Synchronize?

Could you please also enable debug logging?
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To clarify, the delete files do not show up in the TeamCity Local Changes view. So, they cannot be included in a remote run from there. As a workaround, we tried selecting the delete file that is properly shown on the Team Synchronizing view, but then get the behavior described. The context menu in the Team Synchronizing view does contain a "Remote Run..." option when files are selected.

Basically, the problem is that we cannot submitted deleted files for a remote run using the TeamCity eclipse plugin.

Our VCS is Subversion and we are using the Subclipse plugin within eclipse. We are using MyEclipse 9.1 that is built on eclipse 3.6

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Ok, now i unerstand what happens.
What version of Subversion working copy? 1.6 or 1.7?
I have created issue on tracker:    watch it please.

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SVN working copy is 1.7


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