Windows Tray Notifier - Strange Login hang issue

Been using the Teamcity Tray Notifier (v 7.1.4500) under Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit quite happilly for a while now, but yesterday I got a strange issue - the tray notifier was hung on "logging in". Tried rebooting the machine, reinstalling the tray notifier, repairing it via installer, nothing worked. Eventually resolved the issue via the following:

  • Repaired via installer (think this clears saved login data?)
  • Logged into a different server running Teamcity 6.5.3 - this worked
  • Logged out again and logged into our main teamcity server (running 7.1) - tray notifier is working again

Seems like some sort of weird bug, possibly corrupt login details being saved?

There's a thread on the issue on stackoverflow over at


seeing the same issues here, just installed the tray notifier yesterday.

These are the steps that seemed to make it work for me:

1)      Kill running tray notifier in task manager

2)      Open regedit, in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\JetBrains\TeamCity\WindowsTray\Login, update the “S” property to ‘’  (substitute real ip address, without the quotes, trailing / seems to be important)

3)      Open IE, go to team city site

4)      Log in, checking “remember me”

5)      While IE is open and connected to TeamCity, start up tray notifier.

6)      Takes about 15 sec to change from “logging in” to connected.


I think it's related to the fact that after entering the URL when connecting to the TeamCity server, it never prompts for username/password.  Like the dialog box isn't getting displayed or something, so it's waiting for username/pass.   By logging in manually via IE, I suspect it's able to use that authentication for the notifier, so it doesn't need to ask for the username/password.


Thank you for the tips! I have had this issue as well but had not known how to fix it.


A follow up thing to try from a co-worker who tried all my first steps:

He went into IE, Internet Options, and in the security section, added the TeamCity server address to the trusted list, and that seemed to fix it for him.


Thanks for all the suggestions guys, I've added them to the stackoverflow thread for the benefit of those not on the Jetbrains forums. Hopefully the dev team will pick up on this thread and look to fix the issues properly in a future release.


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