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We had a new server that someone else configured and incorrectly installed 7.1.1 version of TeamCity.  I uninstalled, then reinstalled.  I do not see an administrator account or no way to get to the administration page.  What did I do wrong?  Pleas ehelp!!

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Hi Dean,

Looks like old <TeamCityDataDirectory> still exists. It can't be removed with uninstall (to not lost user data).
Usually <TeamCityDataDirectory> on Windows is %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\JetBrains\TeamCity (since TC >= 7.1) or %USERPROFILE%\.BuildServer (TC < 7.1)
or $HOME/.BuildServer on Linux.
So find and delete data directory. (All TeamCIty data and configuration will be lost).

See related documentation for further information.


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