How to make an arbitrary xUnit test framework work with TeamCity


I suppose I have a hard question so it would be nice if some of the TeamCity developers could answer or give some hints on it. I am a software developer for a local ERP system. It has its own platform (much like a virtual machine), its own programming language, its own VCS. I am a former java developer, I used TDD and CI with TeamCity for some projects and this was great. I want to implement CI and TDD in the current development process for the local ERP system. To be more specific I want to implement an xUnit test framework SO that I can use it together with TeamCity. When I was developing for java I used jUnit and Ant but I never went into details of how TeamCity gets results from test runner used in Ant. So this is actually my question: how TeamCity gets the results from unit tests that run from an Ant build? Is this some kind of XML file that is generated by Ant and TeamCity reads it or some other way?

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Anyone? Is this possible at all?

Thank you.


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