can't add image to notification email template

I modified build_failed.ftl file:

<#global bodyHtml>
Build <b>${} :: ${}</b> <a href='${link.buildResultsLink}'><@common.short_build_info build/></a> failed
<img src="D:\Utils\TeamCityConfig\config\_notifications\email\mypicture.png"/>
<div><@resp.buildTypeInvestigation buildType false/></div>
<@common.build_agent build/>
<@common.build_comment build/>
<@common.build_changes var.changesBean/>
<@common.compilation_errors var.compilationBean/>
<@common.test_errors var.failedTestsBean/>

but e-mail doen't contain image, just an empty rectangle. I also tried <img src="mypicture.png"/>, and this still doen't work. Am I missed something?

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and also tried insert the image Base64 encoded right into the template, still doesn't work. Is there something wrong with template, or with email server settings, or something else?


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