Re: Not able to download artifacts without a file extension from TC server


I am running TeamCity 8, and I too have this problem. I am building unix executables, which don't have extensions (on OSX) and none of them show up in the artifacts web page, or the downloaded "all artifacts" zip file.

I have posted to SO - this one is a show stopper so would love to get it resolved!


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In the original thread the artifacts were published successfullully but could not be reused. Your issue seems different.

- Check artifact publishing rules on the first page of build configuration settings.
- Open a build log, determine checkout directory for that build. (look for a message like Checkout directory: C:\TeamCity-8.0\buildAgent\work\811080daf8f394f5 in beginning of the log)
- Go to a build agent, and open that directory.
- Compare artifact rules with actual files in the build.
- Review Publishing artifacts section of the build log in the end of the file.


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