Can Meta-Runners have dependencies or Agent Requirements?


I like the idea of Meta-Runners in TC8.
My question is - can I include more than just build steps and parameters in a Meta Runner - in particulat dependencies or agent requirements?

As an example - let's imagine a build sequence using a build tool produced by another project. While extracting the build steps, I would ideally like to extract the artifact dependency on that tool as well, so that any project using that Meta-Runner would "inherit" the dependency.

As a second example - let's imagine the build sequence needs a particular SW installed on the box. Again, it would be useful if this requirement should be part of the Meta Runner.

Is any of that possible and if not, are there plans to add it?

Petr Wolf

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Thanks, Zdenek. That answers my questions.
However, I believe extracting dependencies with a meta runner would be a useful feature.

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Hello Petr,

For agent requirements - I recommend you to update TeamCity to the most recent version where agent requirements work for Meta-runners. Besides build steps and parameters, a meta-runner can also have requirements: if requirements are defined in the build configuration,
they will be extracted to the meta-runner automatically. Requirements can be useful if the tools used by meta-runner are available on specific platforms only.

For Dependencies - They are not supported for Meta-runners. Meta runners help to configure build steps within a single build configuration. Build configuration dependencies is an entity that works on higher level, and cannot be managed by meta runners.
For tour scenario we recommend to copy projects. In such case all build configurations are clonned together with their dependencies.

For more datails look at


Zdenek Gabas

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Same here, I'm creating a re-usable build step that relies on the recent artifact from another build.


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