How to label an SVN revision from a "deploy" build configuration?


  Currently at my company, we have our TeamCity projects set up like so:

Project Configurations
a) Build, Test, Package
b) Deploy to CI
c) Deploy to QA
d) Deploy to Prod

Between each of these steps, artifact dependency is used to pass along the installation package that had been created in the first "Build, Test, Package" step.

My question is: Is it possible to automatically tag/label the SVN revision # that got built in step 1 and is deployed in step 4?

To try and explain further here is the flow of what I would like to  happen:

  1. A developer commits Revsion 1 to SVN
  2. Configuration A triggers on the SVN checkin, checks out the source, compiles it and exposes an install package via artifact
  3. Configuration B triggers from Build A completing, takes the artifact from A and deploys it to our CI environment
  4. Another developer commits Revision 2 to SVN
  5. Configuration C is manually triggered to run with the artifacts from Configuration B that came from SVN Revision 1
  6. Configuration D is manually triggered, takes the artifact from C and deploys it to our Production environment
  7. Revision 1 in SVN is labeled/tagged from /trunk to /tags/release-<configuration-d-build-number>

If I can be more clear, or provide more information please let me know.


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Hello David,

yes, you can configure TeamCity to automatically label sources for your 1st build.
Try to follow this guide
I hope this is what you are looking for...




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