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Hey all,

Hope you had a lovely Christmas.  I have been trialing TeamCity today and am having issues when I use a GitHub repository with one private submodule and one public submodule.  I originally had a deploy key attached to the main repository but given it wasn't attached to the private repository submodule inside it, I applied the private key to my entire account (yes, bad practice), and I still couldn't get it to work.

It works fine on a repository that doesn't have any submodules.

Updating sources: server side checkout (2s)
[23:44:49][Updating sources] Will perform clean checkout. Reason: Agent doesn't have any version of the project sources
[23:44:49][Updating sources] Building and caching clean patch for VCS root: ExampleRepo-GitHub
[23:44:51][Updating sources] Failed to build patch for build #12 {build id=19}, VCS root: "ExampleRepo-GitHub" {instance id=2, parent internal id=2, parent id=ExampleRepo_github, description: ""}, due to error: Cannot build patch: Low-level patch stream is closed
[23:44:51][Updating sources] Repository sources transferred
[23:44:51]Will repeat attempt when server will be available, number of attempts left: 2


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Hi Brandon,

at this time TeamCity doesn't support different authentication schemes for the main repository and for submodules, please watch/vote for

Is it correct that you are able to clone private submodule using the key from the main repository in the command line? If so, please enable 'debug-vcs' logging preset at Administration > Diagnostics, go to VCS root settings, perform 'Test Connection' there and attach teamcity-vcs.log from the server.


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