Managing Trunk/Release branches in TC


We are managing our projects in SVN, using the trunk as the main line of development, branching it into release branches upon every release.

In TeamCity, we have 2 "identical" projects - Trunk and Release.
Each project has the same build configurations, however they differ in the VCS root they are associated with.
Whenever we have a new release, we increment the branch name associated with the Release project, and create a new branch.

One of the "pain points" is that changes made to different build configurations in Trunk must be also propogated to the Release project, this is sometimes forgotten and causes issues when we move to the Release branch.

I was wondering what is the best way to manage the Trunk/Release branch workflow under TC that would be easier for us.


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If these two configurations must be identical, then the best way is use build configuration template (you can add VCS roots, build runners, triggers, etc. to template).


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