What to use in TC for JavaScript code coverage reporting???

I've searched the discussions and can find no definitive answer to this.
I have an existing Jasmine test code base that is run through PhantomJS and with the beauty of the Jasmine TeamcityReporter get a pretty nice looking report from our TeamCity CI build.
I want to add the code coverage metrics to this as well but not sure how to get this harnessed.

I've been looking at a few options, the simplist that I've found is blanketjs, that simply consists of a javascript addition to the specrunner.html file (for jasmine) and the report is generated after the tests output completes... easy and efficient, and easily produced when using the Jasmine HtmlReporter
However, now I'd like to somehow capture this same information in the form of teamcity recognizable output. Since blanketjs is simply pumping it's output to the body of the browser output I'm afraid this option is dead to me, or possibly I could write a custom service to somehow force it to work, don't know.

This being the case, what is a common practice for capturing javascript code coverage via teamcity? I would prefer (it's a requirement)) to continue using Jasmine, but what can be used (ideally off the shelf) in conjuction with this existing system to get capture this information?


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Sorry for delay.  
You can publish coverage HTML report as TeamCity artifact or publish coverage statistics to TeamCity with help of service message. For more details please follow http://confluence.jetbrains.com/display/TCD8/How+To...#HowTo...-ImportcoverageresultsinTeamCity.


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