TC system cloned, now what?

We have a TeamCity installation on a server that was handling two configurations:

  1. CI (quick) build which was triggered on code checkin, and
  2. Integration configuration (long) triggered at two times per day.

It was decided that we wanted to move the Integration configuration to a new instance of TeamCity on a different box so it wouldn't interfere with the CI build since they couldn't run concurrently and the Integration configuration run was more error prone and on occasion could hang up and stop the build process entirely.

Someone felt it might be a good idea to simply clone the original system to a new virtual machine, disable (or remove entirely) the CI build on this new system and viola, it should be able to run the remaining Integration configuration build in isolation.

So of course not all ideas work as simply as planned since on startup of the new system I'm getting a "Second TeamCity instance detected" error when attempting to start the TeamCity server windows service.

I can theorize why (duplicate TeamCity configuration settings) but would like to know what the best, e.g,, quickest, approach for fixing this condition would be. Can I relatively easily adjust the TC existing configuration to work on this new system or would it be a better approach to simply uninstall this cloned version and start from scratch?

Thanks for any ideas on this,


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sorry for the wasted bandwidth... I figured it out by simply resetting the TC database connection.


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