Reset Current status information

Is there a way to reset "Current Status" information of a configuration?

While updating some of our TeamCity build configurations we had several configurations fail due to an error in the VCS.
The configurations, however, where updated to no longer fail and to no longer depend on the that failing (perforce) VCS.

The problem however is that teamcity (8.1.2) still reports the VCS problem in the "Current Status" field, even after the configuration ran successfully...

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TeamCity should remove the "VCS problem" red stripe when it connects successsfully to VCS (or the VCS root is removed) and "Failed to start build" stripe when the last build started successfully.
If it is not the case, please provide more details with screenshots of the error, the build confiugration home page with the last builds and the sequence of actions reproducing the issue.

BTW, it might make sense to upgrade to the latest (8.1.6 8.1.5 as of now).

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Ok, I can't remove the VCS because it still used by other projects and I can't force a successful connection because it is no longer connected to the build configuration that is reporting the problem.

Note however, that the VCS is special in that way that it uses a teamcity parameter to specify the branch label. I.e. the other projects that depend on it have a different setting for that branch parameter. You could state the VCS is kind of template VCS, where each project defines the branch parameter as needed.

The issue seems to have been resolved by a restart of the teamcity server, but restarting the services is something I like to avoid doing as much as possible.

Wrt the update, we only update when needed. I see a 8.1.5 release, but no 8.1.6 release.

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I cannot recall any alike issues actual in the latest version released. I would appreciate if you can file the case into our issue tracker as per my previous notes. Please include:
- screenshots depicting the issue (error in UI and last builds statuses form the build configuration Overview page)
- steps to reprodice the issue
- teamcity-vcs.log
- settings of the related VCS roots

> Wrt the update, we only update when needed. I see a 8.1.5 release, but no 8.1.6 release.

Sorry for noting 8.1.6, of course it's 8.1.5.

We always recommend to upgrade to the most recent TeamCity version, especially a bugfix update.
You might never know you need to update until you spend time investigating an issue and turn to us for support.
Actually, I would recommend upgrading to the latest bugfix update before reporitng any issues.


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