Find reason why clean-up rules are not applied as requested

Is there a way to get TeamCity to indicated clean-up diagnostics, like why it thinks a build or elements of a build is not to be cleaned? A plug-in maybe? (for example because it is pinned, part of a build chain, a build chain with errors, etc)

I'm trying to understand why TeamCity is not applying the set clean-up rules.
We have a build configuration with the following clean-up rules:

Everything more than 7 days older than the last build                 

                    History more than 21 days older than the last build                      

                    Artifacts more than 21 days older than the last build; artifact patterns: +:**/*                      

Do not prevent dependency artifacts cleanup

We have builds dating back to Dec 3th 2012. This old build is prevented to be cleaned due to a archived configuration in the build chain that is pinned. So it is logic it does not get cleaned, but still it would be very helpful if this was made more viable (like having clean-up diagnostics wrt that build stating the pinned build is preventing clean-up).

On the other hand the same configuration has a build from May 15th 2015 which is also not cleaned. This build is not pinned directly, it does have a chain link icon, but if I check the dependencies they are either not triggered or already deleted... so what is preventing the clean-up?

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Hi Hans,

At the moment the reason why builds are not cleaned up is not present. Please feel free to create feature request in our tracker.
Please note that clean-up rules are applied separately for personal and non-personal builds and also for active and inactive branches. Please find more details here. If this is not the case, then please check teamcity-cleanup.log for errors/warnings.

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The build config has no branches and no personal builds.
I also checked the teamcity logs, even with extra logging enabled, and could not find an indication as to why this build is not cleaned.


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