Personal builds and build limits


It seems that personal builds are subject to the normal limits on simultaneous builds for a single configuration. I understand why that might be the case, but it's a pain for our use case.

We use the limit because we have long-running builds (around an hour) and several checkins, on average, per build. Rather than always having a handful of builds running we use the limit to batch up multiple checkins into a single build. (Our long builds are not ideal, but it's where we are today.)

However we'd like personal builds to be scheduled outside this batching in order to get faster feedback to our developers. As things are they will usually have to wait around half an hour for their build to start running.

Can anyone suggest a way of getting what we want? That is: a limit of one "normal" build per build configuration but several simultaneous personal builds.


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Hi Ben,

This functionality is not currently implemented. We have the related request, please vote for it.


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