Issue with user access in Teamcity

Hi, we are using Version 8.1.5 (build 30240). After some interval of inactivity (about 1 week) I'm not able to login to teamcity, the error is 'Incorrect username or password' in both TC login form and IDEA plugin. Our Teamcity administrator can't find my login in users list, but when he tries to re-create my account with the same name there is an error that it is already created. Could you please advice on it?

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Hi Alexey,

What type of authentication is used? Could you please check what users are stored in the database using the following request: SELECT * from USERS? Also please attach teamcity-server.log file.

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we are using authentication with Teamcity-specific password (not LDAP etc).
How I can run a select if we are using embedded database (not standalone), could you suggest how to query it?
I'm not sure that I can attach the full log because it contains a lot of stuff, but I checked it and see that last mention of my account was in context of build promotion.  And when I'm trying to login now it is just 'User login failed: jetbrains.buildServer.serverSide.auth.AuthenticationFailedException: Incorrect username or password'.

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Alina, also is there any way to check that database file is in consistent state (to verify that it is not corrupted etc)? Thanks!

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Sorry for delay in replying. To access the HSQL database, please:

  1. Stop the TeamCity server
  2. Run java -cp webapps/ROOT/WEB-INF/lib/hsqldb.jar org.hsqldb.util.DatabaseManager
  3. Fill the form with the following values:
    url =  jdbc:hsqldb:file:<TeamCity Data Directpory path>/system/buildserver
    user = sa
    pass = “"

For more details see:
If there are any issues with the database, the warning/errors should be present in teamcity-server.log file. Also we strongly recommend using an external database as a back-end TeamCity database in a production environment.


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