Nunit tests failing since Teamcity 9.1.3 update

I upgraded from Teamcity 9.1.1 to teamcity 9.1.3 yesterday.
Since then we have had our nunit build step start to fail with this error:
Unexpected error: java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: jetbrains.buildServer.runner.NUnit.NUnitVersion.parse(Ljava/lang/String;)Ljetbrains/buildServer/runner/NUnit/NUnitVersion;

Anyone else seen something like this or know where I should be looking to fix this? I have attached some images to show our build step and the output in the build log.


Just to add to this, I have uninstalled the 9.1.3 agent from the build servers that I had installed it to. I have reinstalled the 9.1.1 agent, and everything is working fine again. All Nunit tests run properly with the 9.1.1 agent installed.

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If someone else faced with the same problem, please see the related issue:


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