Find projects by build agent requirements

We've got a lot of small projects.
I'd like to be able to find all the projects that can only build on one of our build agents.
What way could I do this?

We'd like to make our oldest build agent obsolete, but some projects will only build on it, how do I find those ones?

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You can use Agent Matrix on Agents > Matrix page, the cell's color shows all the agents/build configuration compatibility. For more details please see this section.
Also we have a related request, please vote for it.

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I saw that, but it looks more like stats that what can happen.
I wasn't comfortable that it wasn't missing some older projects that hadn't been compiled recently.

If I have a new agent nothing shows up in that column (ie they all show as white which means incompatible)
In the end I opened all 60+ projects and checked them all.

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You can also try an experimental REST API requests to get the list of compatible build configurations for an agent: You can iterate through all the agents and search the configurations that present once.
Sorry for the inconvenience and please vote for the linked issue above.


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