Entity Framework test failure


Bit of background: recently upgraded to Visual studio 2015, installed the shell 2015 build on the teamcity server. I'm currently experiencing an issue with the entity framework tests in teamcity. I'm getting the following message:

Unable to load the specified metadata resource

I was getting the same test failure count and error message locally under entity developer version 5.7, however when I upgraded to 5.8 the issue with the failure of tests went away. However, when I upgraded the server from 5.7 -> 5.8 because it's not a full visual studio install the option to integrate into the 2015 option isn't there. The issue still persists. Can anyone suggest a possible fix to this issue?



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I've found the solution to this, on the build server you need to copy across this file:


from your MSBuild/vXX folder on a development machine to the corresponding MSBuild folder on the build server. Hopefully this helps someone else as this took me an embarresingly long time to sort :)




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