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Hi sir,

I am trying to use the TeamCity in our team.  For the normal Windows Based application it is built and tested ok. But we want to use it on some other develop environment except Visual Studio 2005. And these tools it not support by the TeamCity now (like Embedded Visual Studio 4).

My problem is that can I write some plugins to let the build supports? And Can I write to some plugins to let the unit-test supports tools?

Peica Chen

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Just to be able to run your builds you can probably use command-line runner in TeamCity and strat the build just like you do in a console.

You will need a build runner plugin is you need to have convenient UI for the build configuration and special results parsing.

Yes, you can write such a polugin (actually, all the runners in TeamCity are plugins).
You can find entry ionformation on plugins in the corresponding section of our doc. You can also use open-sources bundled plugin as an example (e.g. FxCop or Rake).

There are also several plugins that integrate with unit test tools. (e.g. see plugins page). However, reporting tests can be done even without a dedicated plugin, but via printing specially-formatted messages into console, see the section.

Please do not hesitate to ask specific questions that you might have while writing the plugin.


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