Inspection count in e-mail notifications?

I was wondering if anyone knew how to retrieve the inspection count (as it appears in the project dashboard UI), for inclusion in the notification e-mails.

Basically, we are publishing FindBugs data as an XML report (I'm using the importData service message to do this), and while the TeamCity integration for this is awesome, we'd also like to have the e-mail reports show a delta, just as the UI is able to do.

I'm certainly willing to write a custom plugin to make this data available to the FreeMarker world ... but I haven't found the relevant APIs in the Javadoc that might help.

If anyone has any ideas, I'd greatly appreciate the help!

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Please try the suggestion from this thread.
where "badFiles" is from predefined values (InspectionStatsE and InspectionStatsW).

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Excellent, I think that's exactly what I needed! Thanks for the quick reply.


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