Can we access database of Teamcity through code?


Can we access database of Teamcity through code other than JetBrains API?

I mean whether I can use SQL queries to fetch build data from TeamCity so that some of the functions can be more faster.

thanks in advance

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Our SQL schema is not documented. We're changing it continuously in each release, and do not maintain backward compatibility.
Open API was designed especially to be a reliable way for interation with external code.

Please explain what issues you have with its performance now, and we'll see how to solve them.


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We need to find the total build failures from TeamCity and display the report of failures.


Currently we are obtaining  the List of Sbuild from ProjectManager’s activeBuildType and then iterate thruough it to get the history.

     The issue is , we have around 1000 build configurations and it contains lots of buildHistory. For fetching the data from TeamCity, JetBarins API's is taking so much time to retrieve it ( around 3 minutes). We suspect it is because of huge amount of data from TeamCity.


We were thinking like accessing the TC db directly may get quicker response than accessing it through  API's. Could you tell me  Is there any other way to improve the performance ?


Any advice is appreciable




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