How to resolve parameters in a VCS plugin

Hallo all,

I am working on TW-30235 and is trying to find the API call to resolve configuration parameters
in a VCS plugin.

Currently the plugin do a vcsRoot.getParameters() call and receive a Map<String, String> object
from which the properties is extracted. These values contain the %param% tokens in the string.
The property is then inserted in the vcs tool's command line and the parameter token ends up
on the command-line.

Thus I need to resolve the parameter token before building the command-line. But what API call
do I need to make. The API is very big and documentation is not helping.

In my search I found the ValueResolver and ParameterBasedValueResolver classes, but don't
know how and where to get instances of them to do the work.

Is there any examples of how to resolve values? I tried the git-plugin code, but got lost in the
complexity of the plugin.

Any advice would be helpful.


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I replied to you in issue tracker.


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