Add another "Run" button

Is it possible to add a button close to the "Run" button of a build configuration?

Here (build config overview):

and also here (project overview):

I'm looking at the list of PlaceIds and I can't see one that would let me put a button here. Am I missing something?

(The button should open a Run-like dialog, where the user can select two finished builds from a build configuration, and run culprit-finding between them. Example: build A finished green on Monday, build B finished red on Tuesday. Build B contained 5 changes. The culprit-finding will queue the intermediate 4 builds between A and B, to identify who broke the build.)

Perhaps BUILD_CONF_TAB is a suitable alternative. Rather than having a button that opens a dialog, I can create a tab on the build configuration. But the button would be nicer I think.

Any advice appreciated.


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There is no dedicated PlaceId for this case. However you can write a JavaScript which will find current run button on the page and place another one near. This JavaScript can be attached to the page using PlaceId.BEFORE_CONTENT

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Thank you; that makes sense.

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I would like to hide the Run button on some pages. Is that possible with JavaScript? Is there an example you could point me to to get started with writing this kind of code/plugin? I'm talking about starting from scratch. Thanks.


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